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One-step AA Optimization - 100% NRC 2001 compliance

The Formulate2 Core Components

NRC Dairy 2001 Is a Game Changer!

All previous NRC approaches employed fixed nutrient coefficients. NRC 2001 moved to variable or dynamic coefficients for digestiblilities, energy, and N fractions. That moved NRC dairy into the realm of mixed linear/non-linear models which meant that conventional linear formulation could no longer provide model accurate diet solutions. The result has been that, approaches to NRC 2001 remain linear, operating outside the model framework and no commercially available diet formulation software is currently able to provide NRC model-accurate diet solutions in a one-step process. NRC 2001 is an excellent platform from which to address AA balancing. Ironically, it's nonlinear approach, which is at the heart of its true power, has presented a major road block for formulation software vendors. With the release of the Formulate2 Core Component Suite, that road block has been completely removed. The Core Components provide 100% model accurate, fully NRC compliant diet solutions wholly within the NRC model framework. But the best news is that any diet formulation application that implements the NRC 2001 model in an evaluative capacity can integrate the Core Component Suite and provide absolutely model accurate diets in just one-step. It's as easy as choosing Solve from a menu to experience what-you-constrain-is-what-you-get formulation with NRC 2001 right down to MP-AA at the intestine.

What's in a name?.. The Core Components consist of "Core" funtionality first developed in Formulate2 version 5. This functionality was extracted from version 5 and encapsulated as individual stand-alone executables. In addition, an Application Programming Interface (API) was developed that allows other applications to "host" the Core Components and gain access to the advanced AA balancing capabilities they provide

Currently, Feed Ration Balancer (FRB) from Feed Management Systems, Inc.(FMS) is configured to host the Formulate2 Core Components. And, with the release of Formulate2 DFS, the Formulate2 application will also function as a Core Component host.

The AA and MP Calculator .. The "Calculator" provides gram requirements for MP-Lys and MP-Met based on user stipulated milk and TP yields. It also provides the capability to refactor the NRC MP requirement based on the MP-Lys and MP-Met content of MP. In addition, a model compliant means to adjust the NRC MCP yield prediction is available in order to compensate for scenarios where rummen microbial output is affected by diet diet formulation or other factors. The "Calulator" is an implementation of the post NRC work done at the University of New Hampshire in 2003-2004 and again in 2015.

MP-Lys and MP-Met Requirements (AA and MP Calculator)

The Core Component Soltuion Process .. The Optimizer component provides 100% NRC model compliant diet solutions with a single pass. What you constrain is what you get. Constraints for 180 g of MP-Lys and 60 g of MP-Met produce exactly that. The Optimizer is compliant with both the linear and non-linear segments of the NRC 2001 model.

Model Compliant Optimization (Optimizer Component)

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Watch real life - in field results with FRB and the Formulate2 Core Components

Predictive Reliability

Plots of predicted vs. measured flows of MP-Met from the dataset used to generate the NRC 2001 EAA profile equations. The prediction error across this entire, very diverse dataet of 199 diets was only 1.3 g day. Excellent predictive reliability!