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The New Formulate2 DFS - Official Release Date 2020-01-01

Like everything else in our world, so it is with diet formulation software; the only real constant is change. In keeping with that reality, Formulate2 is undergoing an extensive revision that will ensure not only its continued compatibility with future versions of Windows but also continuing relavancy with respect to AA balancing.

Changes to Formulate2.. With the completion of this work, Formulate2 will function as a hosting application for the Formulate2 Core Components. The Components themselves will continue to be developed as add-in, components that are available for integration with any diet formulation application that implements the NRC 2001 Dairy model.

In addition, with this coming release, Formulate2 will become the Formulate2 Diet Formulation System (DFS) and will maintain continuing support for the NRC 2001 Dairy Model while also implementing significant framework changes that will enable it to easily support future revisions to the NRC Dairy Model.

These changes to the framework will also provide the opportunity to support NRC requirement and supply models for other species as well.

Development Platform.. As a part of these revisions, development of Formulate2 DFS has been moved to a new, modern development platform that not only fully supports current 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows but will also maintain compatibility with future versions of the Windows operating system. In addtion, the new development tools give Formulate2 DFS the capability to move beyond Windows to other OS and into the world of modbile devices.

User Interface - Reduce and Simplify.. A primary focus of these revisions is the streamlining and simpliying of the Formulate2 DFS user interface. Our objective is to keep things that are familiar but make them easier to use and to change things that can be confusing so that they are eaiser to understand as well as easier to use.The goal is simple - make Formulate2 DFS the easiest-to-use diet formulation software available anywhere. To guide us in this effot, we're working with an entensive advisory committe composed of dairy industry professionals and field consultants. The primary objective of the advisory committee is to make certain we're focusing on the issues that matter most.

Visit Us Again !! With the offical release of Formulate2 DFS, we'll continue to bring you experiences from Formulate2 DFS users and what they've been able to accomplish with NRC 2001 and the Formulate2 Toolset

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  • Predictive Reliability

    Plots of predicted vs. measured flows of MP-Met from the dataset used to generate the NRC 2001 EAA profile equations. The prediction error across this entire, very diverse dataet of 199 diets was only 1.3 g day. Excellent predictive reliability!