Formulate2 Tutorials

Live Web Based Formulate2 Training

In addition to the tutorials listed below, live-online interactive Formulate2 training is also avaliable provided by GoToMeeting internet conferencing. Click here for details.

Mastering Day-to-Day Formulation Tasks

Quick Diet Setup - A fast, general overview of setting up and optimizing diets. Provides an introduction to the steps required and how to accomplish them quickly using the ration record toolbar buttons and pop up lists where applicable. (voice-over narration: 4.89 MB EXE)

Using First Ration Set-up Help - A brief overview of how to use the Quick Start help offered by Formulate2 when setting up your first ration. Quick Start help is a Help System based interactive exercise that is available anytime by clicking on the ration record toolbar Set Up button. It will guide you in a read-and-do format through the process of creating and optimizing a diet and introduce you to all of the elements of Formulate2 required for that process by actually having you set up and optimize a pre-planned diet. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this exercise. Quick Start help and the Creating Feed Libraries with Formulate2 tutorial are all you need to get a quick and effective start with Formulate2. (voice-over narration: 5.20 MB EXE)

Creating Feed Libraries with Formulate2 - How to create a single feed library that can be used by all of a producer's diets. This is a self-contained download - save it to your Windows dekstop and use it in conjunction with the First Ration Set Up interactive Help exercise. (5.94 MB EXE)

Registering Formulate2 - How to enter registration information, create the registration file and send it as an email attachment to Central Valley Nutritional Associates.

Fast Feeding Program Set Up - How to quickly create the rations of a feeding program by using Formulate2's instant replication capability and then retrieve the newly created records. (voice-over narration: 5.15 MB EXE)

Creating Load Sheets - How to create load sheets from a solved diet and save your preferences for future use. (voice-over narration: 4.12 MB EXE)

Optimizing with Mixes - How to create pre-mixes that will optimize accurately when substituted for the separates of which they're composed. (voice-over narration: 7.54 MB EXE)

Exploring the Toolset

Utilizing Two Tier Feed Pricing - Formulate2 supports both global and local pricing for feed ingredients. This feature allows you to run what-if scenarios with local feed prices without disturbing global feed pricing for other diets linked to a feed library. (voice-over narration: 3.62 MB EXE)

Optimizing Mixed Feeds and Pre-mixes - How to optimize mixed feeds and pre-mixes outside the context of a complete diet. (voice-over narration: 3.72 MB EXE.)

Optimizing with Targeted Cost Groups - How to focus the optimization engine cost objective on user selected groups of feeds such as all purchased feeds. (voice-over narration: 3.89 MB EXE)

How to Position Feeds - How to position feeds in the Feed Constraints grid of ration records, the Select Feeds form grid and other Formulate2 data grids. (voice-over narration: 1.62 MB EXE )

Adding Nutrients - How to add nutrients and customize the Formulate2 nutrient list to include items you want to work with that aren't currently on the list. (voice-over narration 5.28 MB EXE)

Working with Pre-mixes - How to create pre-mix feed records from a complete diet formulation. (voice-over narration: 4.29 MB EXE) Please visit this link for important information about working successfully with mixes within the NRC 2001 Model Click here.

Using the Diets Button and the Producer List - How to easily retrieve a producer's diets once they've been created. (voice-over narration: 3.21 MB EXE)

Using the Supplement Worksheet - How to use the Supplement Worksheet to determine vitamin and mineral densities for supplement packages. (voice-over narration: 6.41 MB EXE)

Working with the Prop DMI Constraint - How to evaluate diets by using the Prop DMI constraint to scale intake of an existing diet to different levels. (voice-over narration: 2.72 MB EXE)

Exchanging Data - Working with Data Sets - How to exchange formulation data with other Formulate2 users and how to update your data with revisions performed by others. (voice-over narration: 3.80 MB EXE )

Alternative Functionality

Creating Feed Libraries - Create a feed library step-by-step. (approx 9 min. recommended)

Working With Queries - How to creade and use queries to access rations instantly. (approx 10 min. recommended)

Linking Feed Libraries and Importing Feeds - How to link ration records and feed libraries and import feed entries into ration records. (approx. 6 min. recommended)